Monitoring The Global Conversation

Today, we are more connected than ever before and we no longer have to depend on media conglomerates to give us honest, factual news reports from around the world. We have the technology to get live reports from literally anyone through social networks. This site (think Social – list) was started to promote the idea of making Crowdsourced news (especially video) more accessible and available.

My view is that present political and government structures are antiquated and can be improved by a globally connected and politically conscious populace. To that end, I want to monitor the global “conversation” on events via social media and make that data easily accessible to everyone. The fact that smartphones are so prevalent worldwide makes it possible to have locally sourced information that is outside the mainstream media delivery system and therefore can serve as a counterpoint to mainstream media reporting. This site aggregates live (or recently recorded), topical feeds from these social networks. Below are the most recent crowdsourced news stories.

The Latest Crowdsourced News