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In 2018 like never before the United States is seeing a rise in disenfranchised people looking for a realistic alternative to the status quo on both the liberal and conservative sides of the aisle. At the same time the current government and the mainstream media are seemingly promoting needless wars.

My view is that we now live in a globally connected world via the Internet and present politics and to some extent government structures are somewhat antiquated and can be improved by a globally connected and politically conscious populace. To that end I want to establish a global forum for all people who share Progressive ideals to come together and discuss how to best govern the world today and tomorrow.

This site was originally started to promote the idea of making Crowdsourced news (especially video) more accessible and available. While I still think this is a great thing to do and will probably make it part of this site (related to the subject matter of the site) I am going to put it on a back burner and focus on what I think is a more pressing goal; making the idea of a progressive system of government a global priority.

Please subscribe if you are interested and help us build this platform into something really useful. If you want to join the discussion, help run the site or contribute articles please let me know!

Mike Johnston




Are you tired of the mainstream media giving you only the news that they think is appropriate for you? S0ciaLi5t feels your pain and offers something better! We give you original, crowdsourced reports as they are posted on the top social networks.


Today, we are more connected than ever before and we no longer have to depend on media conglomerates to give us honest, factual news reports from around the world. We also have the technology to get live reports from literally anyone through social networks. This site (think Social – list) aggregates live, topical feeds from these social networks. The permanent feeds are based on countries and regions within countries. The daily feeds are based on current news headlines.

You can access feed sources below and some cool maps to visualize where people are in the world uploading video. Below those are the most recent crowdsourced news stories.


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